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Journalism Courses, Workshops and Media Training by Susan Grossman


Pitching to Editors’ workshop:

Saturday 29 October repeated Saturday November 26.

Cost:  £125  Time: 10am-5pm.

Venue: Royal Institute of British Architects, London W1.


Travel Writing Pitching and Press Trip pre-WTM:

Tuesday 1st November

Cost: £90 Time: 10-4pm.

Getting the Most out of Travel Shows (WTM 7-10 October ExCel).

Poetry Place, Covent Garden, WC2.


Journalists’ Brainstorming Workshops: From November 2011

6-weekly workshops: for working freelancers, women returners, former editors, photographers and media professionals, fed up with working alone!

These workshops offer ongoing support, feedback and networking opportunities.

Max of 12 journalists per group.   

The Poetry Place Covent Garden (£160) on Friday mornings

or Hampstead on Tuesday mornings (£150) 

Both workshops will cover:

‘Without your course and support  I would still be struggling.  I’ve got something in The Sunday Times today and in The Independent next Saturday.  It really is a dream come true and I’ve never been happier. Thank you!! Aaron June 2011


Also available:

Non-fiction writers: prepare a ‘package’ for an agent or publisher.

Staff Training:  in-house training to achieve an editorial outcome.

Presentation skills (video, TV or radio) including interview skills

Individual coaching: writing skills, career progression and self branding


To book or for further information: email  

For further information or to book an individual or group session Tel: 0207 794 0288

For other testimonials see under ‘recommendations’: 

Twitter: @wordsallowed  


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