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The key to finding the story or lead you want is to cast your net as far and wide as possible, and let as many people as possible know what information you need.
Case Study Link casts that net for you at the click of a button.

Working for a publisher, production or PR agency is tough. There are always deadlines looming for news and article pieces to go to print, and there’s never enough time to get it done. One of the toughest things is finding real-life case studies, or leads, or even writers, for your pieces.

The trawls through the web, the cuttings, the press agency ring rounds, the calls to press offices, the endless postings on website forums…… finding the right lead, story or case study you need is not always a straightforward or simple process.

The chances are, whilst you’re spending hours looking for your case study, there is a news agency, a local reporter or a freelance writer who has that story in their contacts book. If only you knew who…..

Here at Case Study Link, we’ve created a system to make finding case studies and story leads easy for you. 

Case Study Link allows you to tap into the vast databases of hundreds of freelance journalists and press agencies around the country with a single click of your mouse.

You can even use Case Study Link if you’re looking for a journalist to write about a specific personal experience, or any other writing task. Additionally we’ve added a job alert form, so that you can tap into the pool of talent if you need to fill a job, shifts or temporary cover.

Within just a few moments of filling out our online form, your story request will be hitting the e-mail inboxes of over 50 leading journalists and all of the major press agencies. The service is free to use and you’ll be getting responses direct from them if they can assist you.

Although the service is completely free to you, please note that you will be expected to pay a tip fee for any phone numbers, or a fee for any copy or story you buy. Please negotiate directly with the agency/freelance you are dealing with.

To submit your case study request, all you’ve got to do is complete the form on this page and your submission will be mailed out to our database straight away.

"I had to find a number of very difficult case studies for a story on women who deceive or trick men into getting them pregnant. As you can imagine it was tough to find people on the record willing to talk about this, but all my best leads came from CSL and without it I wouldn’t have been able to do the story. It really proved invaluable."

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