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Case Study Link is a tool connecting commissioning editors and reporters on publication with freelance journalists and press agencies. The Case Study Link motto is ‘Find any story quickly and easily’ and our aim is to help commissioning editors find the stories, leads and information quickly and easily, whilst providing freelance journalists and agencies with leads that enable them to sell more stories, see their byline more often, raise their reputation and earn more money.

Ahead of the launch of the new website, we are asking existing subscribers to read the terms and conditions below.

1. Freelance journalists and agencies receiving the alerts must not filter information back to commissioning editors on what other publications are looking for. This undermines the entire service for everyone and will result in commissioning editors no longer feeling able to use Case Study Link.

2. Freelance journalists and agencies will not forward on alerts on to commissioning editors and reporters on publications. Please note, the mailer system in place automatically notifies Case Study Link of any forwards, providing information of who forwarded it and to what address it was forwarded.

3. On receiving an alert, freelance journalist and agencies will take a few seconds to consider if they have any stories that could possibly fit what publications are looking for, and if so, pitch them in accordingly. The more commissioning editors find what they are looking for via Case Study Link, the better the service becomes.

4. Individuals and agencies receiving alerts will make the very most of Case Study Link. Remember, each alert is a live opportunity to place a story, see your byline in print, build a relationship with a commissioning editor and make money!

Due to the importance of trust in the success of Case Study Link, anyone found to be breaching the first two rules is first warned and following a subsequent breach, removed from Case Study Link.


Privacy policy – we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Delivery policy – you will be added to our mailing list as soon as your complete the check out and you will recieve the very next alert sent.

Refund/cancellation – should you wish to cancel your subscription, please email us on and it will be cancelled the same day.

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