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With the introduction of Case Study Link, weʼve made communication between commissioning editors and freelance journalists and press agencies much easier.

Now, commissioning editors are contacting hundreds of freelance journalists and press agencies with a click of a mouse, and freelance journalists and press agencies are able to receive story requests from commissioning editors they might not even know.

Thanks to the information youʼll receive from Case Study Link, you can pitch the right story at the right moment to the right commissioning editor. It is not unusual to earn back the total cost of your subscription within a few weeks of joining.

If you pay annually for your membership, you’ll recieve a 20 per cent discount. Annual membership paid in advance is just £120 per year (£100 plus VAT). This is a £24 saving on the total cost annually if you pay monthly, which would be £144 per year.

Click below to subscribe annually.  

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