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Website Copywriting Services

Use trained journalists to efficiently deliver quality copy, fast, and without fuss

Use our pool of trained and experienced writers by tapping into the CSL Website Copywriting Service. Our members are national newspaper and magazine journalists who are also available to create quality copy, quickly, at competitive prices.

Website Copywriting Service

If you’re looking for website copywriting services, you’re in the right place.

Case Study Link is a free service to link businesses with our community of professional journalists & writers

All of our members are writers for national magazines, newspapers and websites, and the majority are NUJ qualified. This means they are able to write quality copy to tight deadlines at a competitive price.

Our members are always happy to take on commissions to write meaningful, SEO friendly content for businesses, websites, blogs, and brochures. 

50 of the top freelance writers in the UK

All of our writers and journalists offer professional Website Copywriting Services in their spare time. Your business can tap into this incredible resource by using our free service.  Simply complete the ‘Commission a Task’ form on this page to alert our members that you are looking for help.

Your alert will be sent to 50 of the top freelance writers in the UK (and some overseas too).  Those with immediate availability to complete your work will respond to your request.

Website Copywriting Services Fees

You can either specify a fee, or ask members to pitch for the work (i.e. they can advise how much they can deliver the work for).

You will find our writers extremely competitive on price. If you are looking for high-quality content, you will not find better value for money anywhere.

All we ask is that you pay our members fairly and within a reasonable timescale (please discuss this with the writer you choose to carry out your work).

SEO Friendly Copywriting Service

Our writers churn out high quality content for national magazines and newspapers on a daily basis. This means they are adept at writing brilliant copy that is completely unique, within tight deadlines.

As you may be aware, there is no SEO value in publishing syndicated or non-original content. Some online businesses are tempted to use ‘copywriting services’ that reproduce similar content for each page/client. Others commission low-cost copywriters based overseas to churn out low-quality content for content’s sake. However, low quality content equals low engagement. It also scores badly within Google’s user experience

Don’t worry, we have the solution for you!  Trained UK writers who can produce high quality content quickly, and at competitive prices.

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Why not ask the leading trained journalists & writers to provide you with the best copy? Competitive rates, quality copy, fast.

Website Copywriting Service Prices

To commission a writing task, simply fill out the ‘Commission a Task’ form on this page. Once you submit a Task Request, any available writers will drop you an email with their credentials.

You have two options regarding prices:

You can select the ‘Make me an offer to complete this work’ in which case, writers will send you a suggested price for carrying out the required task, based on their experience of similar commissions.

Alternatively, you can select the ‘There is a specified fee available’ checkbox.  In this case, you will need to state the available fee.

As an example, you may have a fee of £120 available, determining that the task should take between 4-6 hours.

Case Study Link is a free service to connect your business with our pool of talented freelance writers. All we ask is that you pay them a fair rate of pay, which reflects the time and effort required to complete the task. This should be agreed with the writer before they commence the work.

If you require Website Copywriting Services, what are you waiting for – fill out the form now.

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