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Oliver McAninch

Content writing, Copywriting, SEO copywriting

Ollie is an SEO Copywriter, Developer, and technical SEO specialist. He has worked for a number of UK based press agencies, newspapers, magazines, and websites. Ollie is the administrator of Case Study Link.

Oliver McAninch 2021

Service area: UK


Ollie was the former owner of Famous Features, before joining SWNS as an SEO specialist. During this time, Ollie helped build and monetise The London Economic newspaper. Together with is work at SWNS, Ollie is the custodian of Case Study Link, and helps a number of other clients increase their online visibility.

Relevant Qualifications:

Google certified. 15 years press experience.

Other Info:

Ollie has four kids, really close in age, so he has no hobbies or fun.

Examples of work:

Here are links to a small sample of work published online: 

– SEO friendly link building post::
– An example of Ollie’s SEO friendly travel reviews::

Here’s a small sample of work published in print or online (in pictures):