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Mel Wicks

Content writing, Copywriting, SEO copywriting

Mel is a certified content marketer and copywriter. She specialises in SEO blog posts and websites, and produces no-fluff, character-rich copy written for humans, loved by Google.



Service area: UK, USA, Australia


Mel has worked in advertising, the media, and marketing for 30-odd years. She’s been a freelance content marketer and copywriter for the past 10, working with digital agencies, high profile bloggers and other clients in the States, Australia and Europe. Her published work has included long-form blogs posts (several of which have ranked on Page 1 of Google), websites, landing pages, email campaigns, and case studies.

Relevant Qualifications:

Certified Content Marketer with Copyblogger Media (2017), and Smartblogger (2020).

Other Info:

Mel currently lives in the UK (in the Suffolk countryside) with her Australian husband. She blogs about being an ex-pat Brit with an Australian twang, rediscovering her homeland after 35 years abroad. You can find her blog at

Examples of work:

Here are links to a small sample of work published online: 

– Blog posts (some ghost written), websites and other work:
– Written for fellow writers, nervous about the advent of ChatGPT:
– 3,200-word blog post which made Page 1 of Google within 3 weeks:

Here’s a small sample of work published in print or online (in pictures):