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Kim Willis

Journalism, Content writing, Copywriting, Feature writing, Editing

I speicalise in writing features about amazing women, children, animals and the environment. I am the founder of Phoenix Features, which I have been running since 2008.

01380 850 860

Kim Willis Journalist & Writer

Service area: UK


I graduated from the London School of Economics and started working as a feature writer at SWNS in 2007. After a year I felt ready to co-found Phoenix Features with a friend and fellow journalist. I have been running the small agency ever since, although it has grown and changed with me over the years.

Relevant Qualifications:

Post-grad in journalism at the LSJ

Other Info:

My ethos is to bring to the world stories about good people, good things and good deeds. I’ve built a strong relationship with editors at a variety of publications and love seeing my stories shine in magazines, newspapers and even sometimes on TV. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it but there’s so much good in the world and I feel lucky that it’s my job to write about that goodness!

Examples of work:

Here are links to a small sample of work published online: 

– A feature championing the animals that saved us for Woman & Home:
– Four mums celebrate their children who have Down’s syndrome:
– Feature in Closer about beautiful plane crash survivor Tulsi:

Here’s a small sample of work published in print or online (in pictures):