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Limited Time Offer - Early Bird Membership for Copywriting Professional

Case Study Link has been serving the media industry for almost 20 years.  Now we are opening up our services to copywriting professionals.

We’d like to attract a pool of the top copywriters to populate our writer database before we begin our big marketing push to businesses.  Whilst we are beginning to see copywriting requests submitted via the portal, we want to ensure that we have a good pool of dedicated copywriting professionals within our directory.

That’s why we’re running an amazing Special Offer for copywriters who get in there first! You can join Case Study Link and appear on the directory for just 50p per week

Professional Copywriter - Earlybird Offer

95% Discount on your CSL Membership
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Per Week
  • Directory Entry
  • Full CSL Membership
  • Follow Link to your Website
Special Offer

You’ll get Full Membership for an entire year (so you’ll receive all work requests), and you’ll get a full writer profile on the directory, which is worth the price of a backlink to your website alone!

You will get a beautiful profile page with a backlink to your website (helping you climb those Google rankings). The membership fee is worth the follow link to your site alone. However, we are investing heavily in our marketing and SEO strategies to position ourselves in front of businesses looking for copywriting services, so make sure you will be visible on the platform.

In addition to your profile, you’ll be alerted to all writing opportunities via the CSL alert service. 

Hire a Copywriter - Directory

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