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Natasha Harding

Journalism, Copywriting, Feature writing

Natasha is a freelance journalist and book columnist. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and has written two books about yoga and pregnancy.


Natasha Harding

Service area: UK


Natasha’s first job was work experience for BIG magazine. Shifts for The Times, Sunday Times, Style Magazine and The Sun then followed before getting a staff job at the Sun. Natasha went freelance in 2007 and has combined freelance writing with teaching yoga since then. She’s written for The Sun, Woman, Woman’s Own, Metro, Glamour and the Daily Mirror. Natasha has also written two books From Bump to Baby and YogaMamma.

Relevant Qualifications:

British School of Journalism, Diploma in freelance journalism

Other Info:

Examples of work:

Here are links to a small sample of work published online: 

– I had to fight for my daughter’s autism diagnosis:
– Why being sectioned won’t ruin my real life story:
– My child almost bankrupt me:

Here’s a small sample of work published in print or online (in pictures):