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Natalie Brown

Journalism, Content writing, Feature writing

Natalie is a freelance journalist, author & parenting blogger

07799 444371

Natalie Brown Writer

Service area: UK


Natalie specialises in real-life features on subjects including parenting, family, health & relationships for women’s glossy magazines and national newspapers. She also blogs about life as an accidental mum of four under the pseudonym Confessions of a Crummy Mummy and her first book, a telling-it-how-it-is parenting memoir, published in November 2021.

Relevant Qualifications:

BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism
NCTJ Diploma in Journalism
Shorthand 120 wpm

Other Info:

Confessions of a Crummy Mummy – The Baby Years (Filament, £14.99)

Examples of work:

Here are links to a small sample of work published online: 

– ‘My lockdown baby isn’t like my other children’:
– ‘We’ve accidentally become a nuclear family – and I hate it’:
– Drop a dress size eating like a French lady:

Here’s a small sample of work published in print or online (in pictures):