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Laura Silcock

Content writing, Copywriting, Editing

I create marketing copy designed to sell, influence or educate. I can also help you develop a tone of voice for your brand or business that you can own and use consistently.

07779 233 594


Service area: UK


I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2002 and work with marketing teams, agencies and business owners across the UK and abroad. Typical projects for me are web copy, brochures, video scripts, case studies, annual reports, blogs, newsletters, internal communications and brand voice development.

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Other Info:

Some of my clients are highly technical and I love making sense of complexity and writing about it clearly. Others are in industries like fashion and food, and I enjoy the frivolity that comes with that. Whatever the job, my focus is on the results you want to achieve. I’m known for tuning in to what clients are looking for quickly and producing what they need promptly and accurately.

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