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Case Study Link Member's Directory

Case Study Link alerts are received by the leading press agencies, freelance writers, and journalists.

Press agencies that receive our alerts include SWNS, Cavendish, NewsTeam, Talk to the Press, Wessex News, Wales News, Solent News, Caters, INS News, Mercury Press, Famous Features, The Jourdan Agency, John Connors, Ferrari Press, Shout News, Talk to the Press USA Prime Features, and many many more.

Freelance writers who receive our alerts include Kim Willis, Lucy Laing, Rachel Halliwell, Tessa Cunningham, Jill Foster, Kathryn Knight, Johanna Bell, Amanda Revell Walton, Matthew Barbour, Peta Bee, Bonnie Estridge, Tom Rawstorne, Jenny Nisbet, Amanda Cable and many many more.