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Sue Smart

Sue Smart

About: I'm a professional blogger, journalist, features and content writer with a varied background in newspapers, hospitality and tourism, marketing and running my own business. My life experience, personally and professionally, is diverse and broad, and I can enthusiastically turn my hand to many things. I am a writer - it's in my DNA. Having worked as a senior features writer and news reporter for newspapers in the UK and in Australia, I am never short of story ideas. I have a 'nose' for what makes an entertaining, informative and engaging story and how to go about finding one, wherever I may be. Features and news articles I've had published cover topics such as profiles, relationships, environmental issues, medical conditions, crime, politics, wildlife, community news and travel. I have also written concert, theatre and restaurant reviews. Whether you are wanting an engaging and authentic feature article or blog, or you need marketing copy which incorporates your 'voice' and specific branding – I have the experience and expertise to help you. Based just out of London, I'm very happy to travel throughout the UK and internationally to interview people face-to-face, to experience a multitude of activities, events and places, and to write about these first-hand. I am also adept at carrying out online research and communicating over the phone, via email and Skype. With regard to photography, I have no formal qualifications but I have a 'good eye' and my photos have been published in newspapers, on company websites and various blogs. For samples of my writing, please visit my website at I hope we can work together soon! Sue

Where we'll see your work: On my website

Most difficult story you've found for a commissioning editor: Spending two days walking neighbourhoods door-knocking and making calls, trying to track down the family of a little boy who had been savagely attacked by a dog. I finally got a great lead and ended up with a front page exclusive story. The UK national press had sent many reporters to find a lead but they were unsuccessful.

Feature you are most proud of: Writing a feature about a young girl who had passed away in her dad's arms. Her parents wanted to honour Sophie, who had Down's Syndrome, and share her story of not always being accepted. We put Sophie's story on the front page, with a striking photo of her. It had a profound effect, with the community turning out to support Sophie's parents. A few days later I returned Sophie's photos. Her Mum hugged me, tears pouring down our faces, and softly said: "Thank you. I can't tell you what this means to us."

Area of expertise: Writing features, reviews, news articles, Q & As, interviewing, gaining trust quickly (and honouring it), clean writing, working hard to get a story, knowing what makes a good story and constantly coming up with story ideas.

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